Noise, Odour, Dust and other nuisances

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Noise, Odour, Dust and other nuisances

Gordon has been involved in major litigation involving noise, dust, odour and physical damage to property, from high-end residential disputes through to mass claims.


Noise, dust, odour and other nuisance claims, including property damage claims such as subsidence, demolition and tree root damage, end up being disputed before various courts and tribunals. Gordon has expertise in all these claims. 

He has appeared in the High Court and the County Court, before planning inspectors, and in front of magistrates and Crown Court judges. He is familiar with the correct drafting of abatement notices and with the practice and procedures, both written and unwritten, which apply in statutory nuisance proceedings.

Group Actions

He understands the cost and funding implications of all types of litigation, a skill that has been outstandingly useful in the context of the many group actions he has led. 

Working with Other Industry Experts

During his career, Gordon has worked with many technical experts, in particular with acoustic and dispersion modeling experts and he has an in-depth understanding of their workings and relevant guidance documents.

Achieving the Best Outcome

Gordon uses all his accumulated experience to plot the best result for a client in the particular circumstances of any case. He has special expertise in noise nuisance claims in the sports and manufacturing sectors and he has appeared in a number of well-publicized residential noise nuisance cases.

Resources and further information

Gordon hosts legal guides relevant to nuisance law (including practice and procedure), the waste & recycling sector, and other environmental areas on his separate legal resource site at 

A summary of Gordon’s cv in this and in related areas is at Click here

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