Group Litigation, Costs and Funding


Group Litigation, Costs and Funding

Gordon has been involved in numerous cases managed by way of Group Litigation Orders, mainly, but not only, in the environmental sphere.  These include cases where pollution has happened outside England & Wales.


Gordon is an expert in the management of group litigation, an area in which he has practiced for many years. 

His most frequent collective instructions have been been in environmental litigation, although he also applies the skills acquired in consumer, financial services, and product liability claims. 

Environmental group litigation typically concerns mass claims for pollution, including

  • Odours, Noise, Dust,
  • Flooding
  • Petro-chemical pollution.

These claims have involved many sectors, especially

  • Animal and food processing
  • Wood manufacturing
  • Oil exploration 

He has worked on claims involving countries in both Europe and in Africa. 

Gordon specializes in the processes for resolving these disputes, especially in the prompt and proportionate resolution of the bulk of outlying claims which depend on the outcome of test cases. He was the editor of the Law Society’s Guide to Conditional Fee Agreements and a contributing editor on costs for the White Book.

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Gordon hosts legal guides relevant to claims common in the waste & recycling sector on his separate legal resource site at 

A summary of Gordon’s cv in this and in related areas is at Click here

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