Flood, Coast and Drainage

Drainage channel expelling water after rains.


Flood, Coast and Drainage

Gordon has been involved in the litigation and resolution of flooding and other water claims of various descriptions, using his comprehensive understanding of the law of nuisance.


Gordon has practical experience of many types of claims involving water damage or the risk of water damage. Typically, these involve flooding, for instance from the construction of man-made structures and moving soil. Poor drainage, damage to land drains and siltation are other causes of flood damage which Gordon has worked on. He was one of the barristers in a major Court of Appeal case which continues to define the limits of liability for flooding.

He applies his expertise strategically, since the costs of these cases is at risk of getting out of hand without the right initial approach. Flooding-related issues are increasingly linked with climate effects, in particular issues connected with the coastline, reservoirs, and defenses to nuisance claims. Gordon has provided advice and representation in a number of cases concerned with the allocation of resources in respect of the coastline, and with damage and the risk of damage caused by flooding from reservoirs.

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Gordon hosts legal guides relevant to flooding, the waste & recycling sector, environmental claims, and the law of nuisance on his separate legal resource site at www.wiglaw.co.uk 

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