Environmental Permitting

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Environmental Permitting

Gordon has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of environmental permitting including exemptions.


Gordon has represented numerous clients, whether Very Large Organisations (turnover above £50m), SMEs, or their officers.

His clients come to him with various challenges which involve permit conditions.  These typically include breaches of condition, suspension notices, enforcement notices, allegations of nuisance, and criminal charges. 

Gordon provides representation right from the pre-action stage through to final disposal. 


He is fully familiar with the process of appealing to the Planning Inspectorate against regulatory decisions and with further appeals where necessary (such as by way of judicial review).

Suspension Notice

The service of a suspension notice, in particular, should be taken very seriously, since it is likely to require an urgent application for temporary relief by way of an injunction Gordon has the accumulated expertise necessary to understand how to take urgent action before the gates are closed.

Resources and further information

Gordon hosts legal guides relevant to claims common in the waste & recycling sector on his separate legal resource site at www.wiglaw.co.uk 

A summary of Gordon’s cv in this and in related areas is at Click here

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